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I should just say up front that I am a truck girl. I’ve driven a Ford F-350 for the past 9 years and it’s been rather awesome.  When we were turkey farmers, a truck was a no brainer and we still have one to haul our horses. It has made me wonder if I am missing out, so when I was offered the chance to test drive the 2013 Ford Escape, I jumped at it.


Ok, so here I go being a total chick about it, but to be frank, the Ford Escape is pretty cute. I loved the color and the shape! We had a skiff of snow (one of the first of this winter) that week which generally throws most local drivers into a tailspin, but I liked the way the Escape handled slick roads. The 2.0 Liter EcoBoost felt powerful, but not bulky.

Why, Hello Friends!



As for the My Ford Touch blue tooth connectivity, it was not only complex to set up, but worked sporadically. However, the Sony audio system sounded great, with my playlists easily syncing and one of the best things about this particular test drive? Seeing that some of my favorite people had already tested it! 

My kids got a real “kick” out of watching me use the hands-free liftgate. Once I figured out how to work it without doing a dance, it was a very useful feature.

Overall I enjoyed my week with the 2013 Ford Escape and was more than a little sad to part with it.

For an excellent technical review of the 2013 Ford Escape, check out Tom’s blog post:


I volunteer a lot. No really, I mean….A LOT. It’s a fulltime gig some months!  So when my husband took on a new position at Northlands, signing the kids and I up to volunteer was a no-brainer.


Preparing flags for the Capital Ex Parade

Immediately I am impressed with the process…interviews, police checks…and assurance that my kids are in good hands while they volunteer.

Next: Orientation. You are not merely thrown into a venue and expected to help, you are introduced to and gain an understanding of the culture at Northlands.

At said orientation it becomes abundantly clear that while you have signed up to give to Northlands, they fully intend to give back…by means of food vouchers, free entrance to Capital EX, a volunteer gala…and more.  (insert me giving my kids a speech about doing something for someone without expectation of anything in return here)

For Capital EX Northlands has a variety of positions available.

Interested? Check out:
Northlands Volunteer Services are continuing to accept volunteers until Wednesday July18th at 5:30pm, the volunteer office is open this Mon-Wed, 10:00am-6:00pm.


It was with great anticipation that I drove the F250 off of the lot and in seven short hours it was with deep regret I failed to remember it was a long box, not giving ample room for the the back tire to clear a free standing sign, and the huge scratches that followed. Thus began my test drive.

Not my finest driving moment, by far.

There is plenty to love about this truck. Immediately noticeable is just how quiet it is and I had to stop and read the manual to be certain that it in fact ran on diesel fuel. Not only is the new 6.7-litre power stroke engine quiet, it seems more powerful than the 6.4-litre that we have in our F350. The truck has a lot of “snap” (to use my husband’s terminology) especially off the start. While my experience and preference has always been the 1 ton, I was pleasantly surprised by the 3/4 ton and what it had to offer! In fact the only negative that either my husband or I could come up with in this truck was the signal light, the way it popped back aggravated us, however this might be a control issue on our part.


One of the main purposes of the drive was to test the new hitch on the truck, although it wasn’t until I got it home that I realized that it came with a 5th wheel hitch while our horse trailer has a goose neck and requires a ball. What else was there to do but to put the 4X4 to the test? First up a logging road to Lussier Hot Springs near Canal Flats, BC. It handled the washboard road like a charm! While having a soak, the locals told us of Ram Creek Hot Springs, accessible only by an unserviced road near Skookumchuck, BC.  The next day we headed out, the F250 made it ALMOST all the way up to the Hot Springs when deep mountain snow proved to be too much. Could the truck have handled it? Probably. We were decidedly against spending a night up there in case it couldn’t.

The truck was plenty spacious for the four us, golf clubs, ski gear and luggage.  The navigation features, touch screen technology, backup camera and ipod input had great appeal to my tech savvy family.


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We have had quite a week…beautiful spring weather, and winter storm warnings. Spring Break, then back to school.
A wonderful send off for the Hubs from one career and a visit to HR to sign papers for the next…
Parenting on my own during spring break for 10 days, to dropping the kids off with Grandparents while the Hubs and I head off to Kimberley for 5 days for a little R&R.

Acreage change: Lake Front Property

It’s crazy, but change is relatively normal for us, and maybe our experience raising 10,000-20,000 turkeys at a time has prepared us to roll with it all a little better.  Life around here is rarely dull and this is what I love about change.

I do realize not all change is positive, and it’s for those moments I am so thankful for the rocks in my life: Faith, Family and Friends. Cliche? maybe…but for me, so true.

Here’s to the change headed your way…embrace the positive, and see the opportunities in the negative.

HAPPY EASTER to you and yours:)