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April 6, 2012 — Leave a comment

We have had quite a week…beautiful spring weather, and winter storm warnings. Spring Break, then back to school.
A wonderful send off for the Hubs from one career and a visit to HR to sign papers for the next…
Parenting on my own during spring break for 10 days, to dropping the kids off with Grandparents while the Hubs and I head off to Kimberley for 5 days for a little R&R.

Acreage change: Lake Front Property

It’s crazy, but change is relatively normal for us, and maybe our experience raising 10,000-20,000 turkeys at a time has prepared us to roll with it all a little better.  Life around here is rarely dull and this is what I love about change.

I do realize not all change is positive, and it’s for those moments I am so thankful for the rocks in my life: Faith, Family and Friends. Cliche? maybe…but for me, so true.

Here’s to the change headed your way…embrace the positive, and see the opportunities in the negative.

HAPPY EASTER to you and yours:)