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When’s the last time you skinned an animal, butchered it, chopped wood to last the winter, or washed your loincloth in the river by hand?

This quote is from Wheat Belly by William David, MD. We laughed when we heard it, because while granted we don’t wash our loin clothes in a river, the Hubs does hunt. We currently have Moose, Elk and Deer in our freezer. The beef, it’s a 4-H steer raised on a farm by youth. We also had JUST chopped wood at the cabin in Atlin, BC ok, well…it was only a week’s work, but hey…wood was chopped.

I thought this decision to go wheat free was going to be much harder, but as suspected, I don’t eat THAT much wheat and now….I eat less.

When is the last time you washed YOUR loincloth in the river by hand?




When’s the last…