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Ford C-MAX Hybrid Review

September 12, 2013 — Leave a comment

The C-MAX hybrid isn’t just a different vehicle, it’s a different way of driving.

First off…I want to say this post is late. No, beyond late. Heck, the NEXT post is late too. I can pinpoint specifically when writing became a chore however I think I am slowly making my way out of the uninspired place I have been dwelling of late and I thank you for your patience!

Secondly: I am glad this post is late! No, really! As I have mentioned previously, I am a truck girl. If I am honest I had written this vehicle off before I even drove it, it looks nothing like something I would want to drive. So imagine my shock when I realized: I WOULD LOVE TO OWN A C-MAX HYBRID. Every time I discuss this car, I get super animated describing the many advantages that come with owning a hybrid, such as the battery recharging when “utilizing regenerative braking and the powersplit hybrid architecture–which allows the gas engine to work with the electric motor to maximize efficiency”. – See more at:

What does that mean? Here I am living in the boondocks, 30 minutes from anywhere, chauffering my kids for 5 days using less than 3/4 of a tank of fuel. MIND BLOWN. How is this even possible!?! Using SmartGauge® with EcoGuide it measures the recharge as a result of breaking and it almost becomes a game to see how often I can get the 100% to pop up! It should be mentioned that the brakes in a C-MAX are uber sensitive. I pretty much gave my first passenger whiplash as I stopped on a dime at the sight of a kid on a skate board.

This car feels solid; like a car of years past, which is important because this is also why I love driving a big truck. The C-MAX has a fantastic windowed roof that makes it feel larger than it is. We had more than enough space to haul anything a family of four could need on a regular basis. Combine the previous features with the technology that SYNC® for MyFordTouch® offers, and it makes for one happy family!


When’s the last time you skinned an animal, butchered it, chopped wood to last the winter, or washed your loincloth in the river by hand?

This quote is from Wheat Belly by William David, MD. We laughed when we heard it, because while granted we don’t wash our loin clothes in a river, the Hubs does hunt. We currently have Moose, Elk and Deer in our freezer. The beef, it’s a 4-H steer raised on a farm by youth. We also had JUST chopped wood at the cabin in Atlin, BC ok, well…it was only a week’s work, but hey…wood was chopped.

I thought this decision to go wheat free was going to be much harder, but as suspected, I don’t eat THAT much wheat and now….I eat less.

When is the last time you washed YOUR loincloth in the river by hand?



When’s the last…


So we came home and had Elk burgers on NYE. HA! Well, really, we needed to end the year with wheat, no?

Our family has long known that this change was coming. For two years I have talked to several people, read many resources, and have done internet searches all pertaining to wheat.  My kids had been vehemently opposed to change as they saw their favorites being lost to them forever. For my son, that’s French bread, a staple in his diet. My daughter loves her KD and cereal.

Over Christmas we had 50 hours of driving to do, we needed a few audio books: CAPTIVE AUDIENCE! Started light with The Hobbit…haha, the Vinyl Cafe and then near the end of the trip I threw on Wheat Belly.   It was great for the kids to hear some of the problems that wheat (in it’s current form) has caused and armed with that knowledge; the resistance to change was significantly lessened.

The last week and a half has been interesting to say the least, and a box of Grandma’s Christmas baking didn’t help matters either but we have decided to not be militant about this as there isn’t anybody with celiac disease in our house.  We will let the kids eat Grandma’s baking, we will indulge in a little wheat when eating out and if it’s pizza day at school, they can order it. However, our house is off limits for wheat and that means school lunches as well.

Short term results? Instead of throwing out fruits and veggies, I have had to make two extra trips to the produce section! Already, a change is doing us good.