I Don’t Wanna.

June 6, 2012 — 3 Comments

Here’s the thing: lately, I have not wanted to blog. Every event I have been to, I feel like I must blog it, perhaps I even want to, but not within hours or even days of the event. I like to take in information and process it and then spew it out later.  Sexy, no?

Since I have come to the startling realization that I am my brand, what I really want to do is blog on a variety of topics. So henceforth…I shall blog what interests me.

Oh right…here is the point in my post where I ask a question to engage the reader…hmmm.

What motivates you to blog?

End tantrum.



It was with great anticipation that I drove the F250 off of the lot and in seven short hours it was with deep regret I failed to remember it was a long box, not giving ample room for the the back tire to clear a free standing sign, and the huge scratches that followed. Thus began my test drive.

Not my finest driving moment, by far.

There is plenty to love about this truck. Immediately noticeable is just how quiet it is and I had to stop and read the manual to be certain that it in fact ran on diesel fuel. Not only is the new 6.7-litre power stroke engine quiet, it seems more powerful than the 6.4-litre that we have in our F350. The truck has a lot of “snap” (to use my husband’s terminology) especially off the start. While my experience and preference has always been the 1 ton, I was pleasantly surprised by the 3/4 ton and what it had to offer! In fact the only negative that either my husband or I could come up with in this truck was the signal light, the way it popped back aggravated us, however this might be a control issue on our part.


One of the main purposes of the drive was to test the new hitch on the truck, although it wasn’t until I got it home that I realized that it came with a 5th wheel hitch while our horse trailer has a goose neck and requires a ball. What else was there to do but to put the 4X4 to the test? First up a logging road to Lussier Hot Springs near Canal Flats, BC. It handled the washboard road like a charm! While having a soak, the locals told us of Ram Creek Hot Springs, accessible only by an unserviced road near Skookumchuck, BC.  The next day we headed out, the F250 made it ALMOST all the way up to the Hot Springs when deep mountain snow proved to be too much. Could the truck have handled it? Probably. We were decidedly against spending a night up there in case it couldn’t.

The truck was plenty spacious for the four us, golf clubs, ski gear and luggage.  The navigation features, touch screen technology, backup camera and ipod input had great appeal to my tech savvy family.


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We have had quite a week…beautiful spring weather, and winter storm warnings. Spring Break, then back to school.
A wonderful send off for the Hubs from one career and a visit to HR to sign papers for the next…
Parenting on my own during spring break for 10 days, to dropping the kids off with Grandparents while the Hubs and I head off to Kimberley for 5 days for a little R&R.

Acreage change: Lake Front Property

It’s crazy, but change is relatively normal for us, and maybe our experience raising 10,000-20,000 turkeys at a time has prepared us to roll with it all a little better.  Life around here is rarely dull and this is what I love about change.

I do realize not all change is positive, and it’s for those moments I am so thankful for the rocks in my life: Faith, Family and Friends. Cliche? maybe…but for me, so true.

Here’s to the change headed your way…embrace the positive, and see the opportunities in the negative.

HAPPY EASTER to you and yours:)

Know your brand.

It has been said that in order to draw sponsors or monetize a blog, it is very important that you know your brand.

In case you came here for a little insight on actually knowing your brand, you have come to the wrong place!

Hello, my name is Bobbi and I don’t know my personal brand. “HELLO BOBBI!”

Hello: My Brand is....

Before you assume I haven’t done the research on this, let me assure you I have!

Every time I see a tweet or link on knowing your brand, I favorite it and read the post ASAP. Each time feeling super motivated and empowered, yet each time feeling lost and unsure. It’s like I am having a personal branding mid life crisis.
So here is what I have discovered to date: I am my personal brand. Me. Bobbi. Let’s review ME for a moment:

Mom to Tweens ( just to rule out future diaper sponsors)
Mom to football player/s
Ex-Turkey Farmer extrodinaire
Acreage dweller
Proud co-owner of 4 horses and a Ratdog
Supports local
Social media junkie: With the exception of LinkedIn which bugs me to no end: one day…soon.
Information sharer
Outraged about any form of abuse, specifically against people, even MORE specifically against children.

well I could go on, but it’s about me and even I’ve lost interest…lol

At Blog West, personal branding was talked about in great detail, and I am still hearing great things about @kimpagegluckie ‘s presentation,  yet,  here I sit…unbranded.
By the way Dee Brun @CocktailDeeva threw down the gauntlet with this post: http://www.cocktaildeeva.com/who-the-hell-are-you/
How important do you think it is to know your brand? Have you taken the time to figure it out?


March 27, 2012 — 8 Comments

I decided to keep the title of the first WordPress blog post as I really do feel this is HELLO. I had been on the verge of switching from Blogger for some time, but felt overwhelmed by the process. Nothing that a little competition from my friends can’t fix, they flew past me and completed the task in no time!  Thus, I was motivated. These are two of my favorite bloggers and you can find Erin at http://a-place-of-my-own.com/ and Arlee here: http://mysmallpotatoes.com.  This blog has NOT arrived. There is much to be done, but it’s a start and I look forward to posting on a regular basis again!

Erin and Arlee

I have plans to switch this to a WordPress blog, so I have not been posting. HOWEVER…that does not mean I haven’t been blogging elsewhere!!
Here are links to recent posts:





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