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August 24, 2014 — Leave a comment

Ode to bulldoggin

It has been a HUGE week in Lethbridge, from the city’s bid event for the Canada Winter Games (#Lethbridge2019) to Whoop Up Days, there has been plenty of excitement! Last night I had the privilege of attending the Whoop Up Days CPRA Rodeo in Lethbridge. I love the rodeo. When I first married my husband we had no idea that in a few short months I’d be spending countless weekends in every rural community in Alberta watching him bulldog. This became our ‘norm’ over the next few years and even our babies went from being discharged from the hospital to attending rodeos. It’s been many years since those days and yet my appreciation for rodeo hasn’t waned. Whether it represents the best competitors in “the business” at the Canadian Finals Rodeo and The Calgary Stampede, or the up-and-coming competitors of the Foothills Cowboys Association,  or the Canadian Intercollegiate Rodeo Association

IMG_9242I try to attend.  Despite the weather, I decided to take my ‘big’ camera but it became clear early in the evening that my settings were off. It was dark and rainy, making IMG_9261action shots a lot more challenging, but also, interesting. The rodeo was very entertaining, the contestants had a great sense of humour, ahem Jessie Heggie, it’s not every day that you see a steer wrestler make a mud angel! Kudos to the Exhibition Park team for making the best of less than ideal conditions.

There is nothing wrong with your screens, do not attempt to adjust the picture… 

What’s your favourite rodeo event? Do you have tips for shooting challenging action shots? Leave me a comment:)


When’s the last time you skinned an animal, butchered it, chopped wood to last the winter, or washed your loincloth in the river by hand?

This quote is from Wheat Belly by William David, MD. We laughed when we heard it, because while granted we don’t wash our loin clothes in a river, the Hubs does hunt. We currently have Moose, Elk and Deer in our freezer. The beef, it’s a 4-H steer raised on a farm by youth. We also had JUST chopped wood at the cabin in Atlin, BC ok, well…it was only a week’s work, but hey…wood was chopped.

I thought this decision to go wheat free was going to be much harder, but as suspected, I don’t eat THAT much wheat and now….I eat less.

When is the last time you washed YOUR loincloth in the river by hand?



When’s the last…

I have plans to switch this to a WordPress blog, so I have not been posting. HOWEVER…that does not mean I haven’t been blogging elsewhere!!
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January 9, 2012 — 6 Comments

If you know me, you likely don’t think the title of this post suits me one bit. In fact, I feel like I have lived two VERY different lives…quiet and shy for the first part merging into the boisterous social person I have become.

My younger sister on the other hand was born adorable, social and feisty.  When people came to visit they gravitated to her.  I gravitated to the wall.  Sounds pathetic, but I don’t recall being bitter about it…we had roles to play and we did it well.

Attitude and the Wallflower: Starsky and Hutch.
If I were to spend time being bitter, it might be about THIS:
Tall blond in the Wallflower swimsuit: Incognito.
Anyway, where was I? Oh right…so at some point I rebelled.  I raised my voice.  I made a scene.  I spoke my mind. It was….awkward.  Well, I was 14…EVERYTHING was awkward, but more about that and my really big 80’s hair another time.
All of this to say…I might be reverting to my wallflower ways.  I still speak my mind, but perhaps not as willing to put myself out there. Until last night, that is.  We went to a Seasonal Celebration for the Hub’s work and the event had a Cowboy theme.  I had no sooner finished the fabulous meal when I was being dragged out to the dance floor to dance. LINE DANCE. I kid you not.  I lived through the early nineties, the Electric Slide and Cadillac Ranch, I saw no reason to return to it.  However, this lady, single and new to town was ready to dance so there I stood: mortified and ready to bail.  When did I become that person? I mean when did I become THAT person again? 
So I grit my teeth, stick it out, learn 3 different line dances and have a terrific time, dancing the night away.  Even dragged the Hubs out to dance a couple of times! HAD. A. BLAST. 
A Wallflower no more.

Less AND More

December 31, 2011 — 6 Comments

It’s that wonderful time of year when we make resolutions and I’ll be honest, this is not a tradition I have honoured.  I’ve rebelled.  Why set myself up to fail, right?  Can’t fail if I don’t try.

This year is different.  Is it that I am maturing or because the number 40 is looming closer by the day? Regardless, I have been thinking about the impending year for quite some time.  2012. Year 39.  It’s a big year, no doubt.

I am going to leave the obvious off of this list: be a better child of God, wife, mom etc, as I must dedicate my resolve to those goals daily.

I often say “Less is More” and I hope that rings true for the upcoming year…

Stuff. I am mid-purge and I am not done. May I never be done.
Food. Why am I eating?  I am a cellulite hoarder and my thighs need an intervention.
Procrastination.  This is a tough one.  It enables me and I rely heavily upon it.  It defines me and I welcome it. THIS is a sick relationship.

However, while less is good, there are areas that need improvement: So, please Sir, I want some MORE.

Personal Motivation. I have been lacking in this aspect of my life as long as I can remember. Easily inspired by another’s cause, my own is rarely even recognized.
Accountability.  I have plans already in motion: exercise and menu planning, this one gives me hope!
Activity. The older I get, the younger 40 seems.  What if….what if I could make 40 look good?  I don’t think it’s a pipe dream.  I’m always going to be “big boned” (who created that label, seriously?)  and I am not looking for the fountain of youth by any means, but aging gracefully certainly does have it’s appeal!  Time to get off of my keister and DO more, challenge myself, experience life and create memories.

I know I should feel COMPLETELY overwhelmed right now.  I’m talking *curl up in the fetal position rocking back and forth, sucking my thumb* overwhelmed.  However, I don’t and I am so excited!  I cannot wait to see what this year brings: wishing you all the “good” (hold the bad and the ugly please) in 2012…

What personality are YOU?

October 17, 2011 — 3 Comments

I am stealing this from @girlwithsometho’s blog: A place of my own.

check out this website! I am a Guardian personality. what type are you! I would love to hear. DO IT! It helps me to learn more about YOU!