Do you Know your Personal Brand?

March 30, 2012 — 6 Comments

Know your brand.

It has been said that in order to draw sponsors or monetize a blog, it is very important that you know your brand.

In case you came here for a little insight on actually knowing your brand, you have come to the wrong place!

Hello, my name is Bobbi and I don’t know my personal brand. “HELLO BOBBI!”

Hello: My Brand is....

Before you assume I haven’t done the research on this, let me assure you I have!

Every time I see a tweet or link on knowing your brand, I favorite it and read the post ASAP. Each time feeling super motivated and empowered, yet each time feeling lost and unsure. It’s like I am having a personal branding mid life crisis.
So here is what I have discovered to date: I am my personal brand. Me. Bobbi. Let’s review ME for a moment:

Mom to Tweens ( just to rule out future diaper sponsors)
Mom to football player/s
Ex-Turkey Farmer extrodinaire
Acreage dweller
Proud co-owner of 4 horses and a Ratdog
Supports local
Social media junkie: With the exception of LinkedIn which bugs me to no end: one day…soon.
Information sharer
Outraged about any form of abuse, specifically against people, even MORE specifically against children.

well I could go on, but it’s about me and even I’ve lost interest…lol

At Blog West, personal branding was talked about in great detail, and I am still hearing great things about @kimpagegluckie ‘s presentation,  yet,  here I sit…unbranded.
By the way Dee Brun @CocktailDeeva threw down the gauntlet with this post:
How important do you think it is to know your brand? Have you taken the time to figure it out?

6 responses to Do you Know your Personal Brand?


    Thanks for the shout out…Great post…You should Never Niche yourself…Always leave enough room in your Brand for trying new things..Just get an idea of the Brands you would like to work with…that you feel represent who you are and what you use or believe…then it is sure to fit your blog…



      Oh my goodness…I have been doing this ALL wrong! Trying to narrow it down, but you are saying I should make it broader? So I still don’t know what to call it, but you have certainly taken me a few steps closer! Thank-you:)


    Bobbi, I hear you!

    I’m still stuck on “Newfoundland” (I wrote about that after BlogWest). I’m not trying to earn sponsors so I’m not too concerned about it. The best I’ve come up with to date is “New-Newfoundland,” which is very difficult to explain in so many words. I’ll keep trying, you keep trying,.. and let each other know when we get there! 🙂


    Oh good, it’s not just me? haha I want to hear the “New-Newfoundland” meaning;)


    I really enjoyed this post. Knowing your brand is very difficult–at least for me–and is definitely something I am working on. I’m still unbranded unfortunately!

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