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Know your brand.

It has been said that in order to draw sponsors or monetize a blog, it is very important that you know your brand.

In case you came here for a little insight on actually knowing your brand, you have come to the wrong place!

Hello, my name is Bobbi and I don’t know my personal brand. “HELLO BOBBI!”

Hello: My Brand is....

Before you assume I haven’t done the research on this, let me assure you I have!

Every time I see a tweet or link on knowing your brand, I favorite it and read the post ASAP. Each time feeling super motivated and empowered, yet each time feeling lost and unsure. It’s like I am having a personal branding mid life crisis.
So here is what I have discovered to date: I am my personal brand. Me. Bobbi. Let’s review ME for a moment:

Mom to Tweens ( just to rule out future diaper sponsors)
Mom to football player/s
Ex-Turkey Farmer extrodinaire
Acreage dweller
Proud co-owner of 4 horses and a Ratdog
Supports local
Social media junkie: With the exception of LinkedIn which bugs me to no end: one day…soon.
Information sharer
Outraged about any form of abuse, specifically against people, even MORE specifically against children.

well I could go on, but it’s about me and even I’ve lost interest…lol

At Blog West, personal branding was talked about in great detail, and I am still hearing great things about @kimpagegluckie ‘s presentation,  yet,  here I sit…unbranded.
By the way Dee Brun @CocktailDeeva threw down the gauntlet with this post:
How important do you think it is to know your brand? Have you taken the time to figure it out?


March 27, 2012 — 8 Comments

I decided to keep the title of the first WordPress blog post as I really do feel this is HELLO. I had been on the verge of switching from Blogger for some time, but felt overwhelmed by the process. Nothing that a little competition from my friends can’t fix, they flew past me and completed the task in no time!  Thus, I was motivated. These are two of my favorite bloggers and you can find Erin at and Arlee here:  This blog has NOT arrived. There is much to be done, but it’s a start and I look forward to posting on a regular basis again!

Erin and Arlee

I have plans to switch this to a WordPress blog, so I have not been posting. HOWEVER…that does not mean I haven’t been blogging elsewhere!!
Here are links to recent posts:

Did you spring foward? Set those clocks and have a fantastic Sunday!