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Less AND More

December 31, 2011 — 6 Comments

It’s that wonderful time of year when we make resolutions and I’ll be honest, this is not a tradition I have honoured.  I’ve rebelled.  Why set myself up to fail, right?  Can’t fail if I don’t try.

This year is different.  Is it that I am maturing or because the number 40 is looming closer by the day? Regardless, I have been thinking about the impending year for quite some time.  2012. Year 39.  It’s a big year, no doubt.

I am going to leave the obvious off of this list: be a better child of God, wife, mom etc, as I must dedicate my resolve to those goals daily.

I often say “Less is More” and I hope that rings true for the upcoming year…

Stuff. I am mid-purge and I am not done. May I never be done.
Food. Why am I eating?  I am a cellulite hoarder and my thighs need an intervention.
Procrastination.  This is a tough one.  It enables me and I rely heavily upon it.  It defines me and I welcome it. THIS is a sick relationship.

However, while less is good, there are areas that need improvement: So, please Sir, I want some MORE.

Personal Motivation. I have been lacking in this aspect of my life as long as I can remember. Easily inspired by another’s cause, my own is rarely even recognized.
Accountability.  I have plans already in motion: exercise and menu planning, this one gives me hope!
Activity. The older I get, the younger 40 seems.  What if….what if I could make 40 look good?  I don’t think it’s a pipe dream.  I’m always going to be “big boned” (who created that label, seriously?)  and I am not looking for the fountain of youth by any means, but aging gracefully certainly does have it’s appeal!  Time to get off of my keister and DO more, challenge myself, experience life and create memories.

I know I should feel COMPLETELY overwhelmed right now.  I’m talking *curl up in the fetal position rocking back and forth, sucking my thumb* overwhelmed.  However, I don’t and I am so excited!  I cannot wait to see what this year brings: wishing you all the “good” (hold the bad and the ugly please) in 2012…