That Friend.

August 29, 2011 — 3 Comments

Think of “that” friend you have…you know the one that you can go months, YEARS without seeing but the second you are in the same space together it’s as if time stood still, there is no awkwardness, conversation is as easy as ever…you know, THAT friend.

I have been blessed over the years with a couple of these friends.  I remember the PHS class of ’92 10 year reunion, how in no time we were phoning up a classmate who could not attend in a fit of giggles, much like we would have done 10 years prior. It wasn’t that we failed to mature, (it wasn’t, back off! lol) just that we were safe and we knew it.  A friend from Saskatoon who now lives in Edmonton, same thing.

 In recent years I was blessed with another such friend.  As all too often happens in Three Hills, connections are made as people are on their way out.  Hard enough on those who leave, but my friend and her family…they are always left.  They make our transition easier and then we say goodbye. 
When we sold the farm it was AFTER our flocks were ordered…thus the hubs left for the big city for work for a whole year, coming home on the weekends to help with the 20,000 turkeys we’d have in our barns.  Having the pressure of single parenting, the farm and the health of the flocks would have been overwhelming had it not been for Erin and her family.  Whether it was a mid week meal, bowling game, taking the kids skiing, going for endless walks filled with amazing conversation, or helping in the barns…they did it.  
Erin and Brad placing the day-old poults: a hot, taxing job that must be done fast.
EVERYTHING is more fun with Erin.  Even trick or treating while I was sick with H1N1 was a hoot. 
All of this to say….I got to spend time with Erin and her kidlets the other day and it was lovely. The end. 
I JEST!!! Here are some photos…
Chillin’ at Discovery Canyon
The geeky white boys.  No worries, they are aware of this charming nickname and embrace it with their white geekiness and we LOVES them for it:)
This is what it’s all about…
The Beauty.
The adventure.
The Conversation.
The Activity.
The Water…was cold…apparently.
The Friends.
Holding onto summer just a little longer…

The only downfall to this day: it wasn’t enough.

3 responses to That Friend.


    AWWWW!! Well said, and expertly photographed:) What would we do without "those" friends?!


    Awesome! I cried when I read it on twitter today. I really DO feel like everyone is leaving. having you write this makes me feel a whole lot better about the situation.I also had such a great time the other day! Miss you!!!! xox

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