It’s the Best Day EVER!

August 4, 2011 — 2 Comments

So, having a hard time keeping up with the many modes of social media…Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Flickr, Google+, Pinterest…probably time for an intervention.  I love to share and be shared with…what can I say?

Last thursday we flew to Toronto, The Hubs had work to do, then off to my family reunion, more about that tomorrow!  Friday was spent in Toronto…finally, a “few months long” dream was fulfilled for my children:  THE HOCKEY HALL OF FAME!

The Hockey Hall of Fame is part of a beautiful old building.
In the replica Montreal Dressing Room.  Yes I let them in there, despite the strong Hab influence.
The Hub’s still got it after all these years.
We were very surprised to see the Stanley Cup, figured it would be with a Boston player, and in fact it was the very next day.  The boy points out the most important win…THE FLAMES!
Did I mention that the building is beautiful…this is the ceiling above the Cup.
My kids: for the win!
After a brief break, we were toured about by friends, who took us for supper and showed us the harbor sights and sounds.  With the Caribana Festival in town, there was much to see AND hear!
Toronto was pretty all lit up.
Thanks you two, fantastic hosts…taking us past the Roger’s Centre as the game let out, Much Music, Marilyn Denis studio, walking us almost all the way back to our hotel, great fun! 
As is typical with kids these days, they are never fully satisfied, disappointed that we did not make it to the CN Tower…guess it just means we have to go back…next reunion???  Hubs??  Better give him a few days;)

2 responses to It’s the Best Day EVER!


    Great to read about and see pics of your trip, Bobbi! Hope to see you, Stu and fam in 3H when you come to town next.

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