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That Friend.

August 29, 2011 — 3 Comments

Think of “that” friend you have…you know the one that you can go months, YEARS without seeing but the second you are in the same space together it’s as if time stood still, there is no awkwardness, conversation is as easy as ever…you know, THAT friend.

I have been blessed over the years with a couple of these friends.  I remember the PHS class of ’92 10 year reunion, how in no time we were phoning up a classmate who could not attend in a fit of giggles, much like we would have done 10 years prior. It wasn’t that we failed to mature, (it wasn’t, back off! lol) just that we were safe and we knew it.  A friend from Saskatoon who now lives in Edmonton, same thing.

 In recent years I was blessed with another such friend.  As all too often happens in Three Hills, connections are made as people are on their way out.  Hard enough on those who leave, but my friend and her family…they are always left.  They make our transition easier and then we say goodbye. 
When we sold the farm it was AFTER our flocks were ordered…thus the hubs left for the big city for work for a whole year, coming home on the weekends to help with the 20,000 turkeys we’d have in our barns.  Having the pressure of single parenting, the farm and the health of the flocks would have been overwhelming had it not been for Erin and her family.  Whether it was a mid week meal, bowling game, taking the kids skiing, going for endless walks filled with amazing conversation, or helping in the barns…they did it.  
Erin and Brad placing the day-old poults: a hot, taxing job that must be done fast.
EVERYTHING is more fun with Erin.  Even trick or treating while I was sick with H1N1 was a hoot. 
All of this to say….I got to spend time with Erin and her kidlets the other day and it was lovely. The end. 
I JEST!!! Here are some photos…
Chillin’ at Discovery Canyon
The geeky white boys.  No worries, they are aware of this charming nickname and embrace it with their white geekiness and we LOVES them for it:)
This is what it’s all about…
The Beauty.
The adventure.
The Conversation.
The Activity.
The Water…was cold…apparently.
The Friends.
Holding onto summer just a little longer…

The only downfall to this day: it wasn’t enough.


August 24, 2011 — 7 Comments

So in a conversation I had recently with friends regarding mismatched couples (one is super hot, the other…not so much, yet they seem very happy just the same), I blurted out that I know I am pretty.  Weird.  So very weird.  I don’t think I have said that out loud before and I have since wanted to apologize for it.  Weirder still.  I don’t like to make open-ended comments that leave room for forced compliments…so I decided to leave well enough alone.  I got to thinking….I don’t remember ever truly feeling ugly.  FAT, yes, and always room for improvement, but ugly, not so much.   Also, I smell good, just sayin’.

So this is where it could get a little rambly…
I think about this a lot. We have these great kids to raise, and we need them to have that confidence.  To know they are secure in their knowledge that God created them in his image, that we have instilled the self esteem they require…I want them to feel like they are enough regardless of what media or those around them are saying.  
Being enough. 

Enough to have the confidence to be kind, and have a passion for giving back.
Enough to know that the perceived beauty in billboard sized images is not a reflection of how they should look…or act.
Being enough doesn’t mean we have arrived, but it does mean that there is a peace in the knowledge that there is room to grow. 
Enough to never believe any person who tells them otherwise.
There have been years wasted in insecurity and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.  So much inward focus…it’s exhausting.  I know we can’t skip any steps for our kids, they will have their own path, but I do pray that they know they ARE enough, step back, see the beauty in and around them…and hopefully, make better use of their time.

So, having a hard time keeping up with the many modes of social media…Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Flickr, Google+, Pinterest…probably time for an intervention.  I love to share and be shared with…what can I say?

Last thursday we flew to Toronto, The Hubs had work to do, then off to my family reunion, more about that tomorrow!  Friday was spent in Toronto…finally, a “few months long” dream was fulfilled for my children:  THE HOCKEY HALL OF FAME!

The Hockey Hall of Fame is part of a beautiful old building.
In the replica Montreal Dressing Room.  Yes I let them in there, despite the strong Hab influence.
The Hub’s still got it after all these years.
We were very surprised to see the Stanley Cup, figured it would be with a Boston player, and in fact it was the very next day.  The boy points out the most important win…THE FLAMES!
Did I mention that the building is beautiful…this is the ceiling above the Cup.
My kids: for the win!
After a brief break, we were toured about by friends, who took us for supper and showed us the harbor sights and sounds.  With the Caribana Festival in town, there was much to see AND hear!
Toronto was pretty all lit up.
Thanks you two, fantastic hosts…taking us past the Roger’s Centre as the game let out, Much Music, Marilyn Denis studio, walking us almost all the way back to our hotel, great fun! 
As is typical with kids these days, they are never fully satisfied, disappointed that we did not make it to the CN Tower…guess it just means we have to go back…next reunion???  Hubs??  Better give him a few days;)