On the Side of the Highway

July 27, 2011 — 3 Comments
Finally arrived home yesterday!  Oh Joy! Oh Bliss!  Oh man we have a lot of mowing to do…
and of course it poured most of today.  I did not complain, sleeping in my bed instead of mowing seemed like a much better use of my time:)
Got into Lethbridge in time to see the Air Show finale, even from a far, it was a sight to behold!

I can’t help but hold my breath as I witness this.
Cannot stay in the Lethbridge Lodge without a photo on the big rock.
Suckers for punishment, Dad dunks them again and they keep coming back for more!
Our last night on the road was great, but I was so ready for home.  
Of course, since I was desperate to be home, we had one little glitch near Elnora, not bad considering we drove 7,500 km.  Why is it every time a man in my life changes a tire, they make it into a demonstration?   Dear, we have AMA for a reason, right.  Lugnuts: pffffffft!
As for our family, I have adopted a few Alcatraz rules, here is one:
The girl was up most of last night, I guess she is not accustomed to having a room to herself after two weeks in hotel rooms with the rest of us.  Which reminds me, I too was up with her, NITE!

3 responses to On the Side of the Highway


    I love the Rule. Apparently the prisoners were entitled to more than my kids are. I have always told them that food, clothing, and shelter were there only rights and that everything else we offer is a privilege or luxury. This household is not in Canada! Medical attention is a privilege not a right! LOL


    Awesome! so glad you are home safe and sound. i have a feeling we'll be in the same boat after we return from SC! Olivia will not want to sleep ALONE! LOL The joys of holidays!


    Haha Julie, I love it! Erin, it's exactly it, the joys of holidays!

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