Focused on the Task at Hand.

July 22, 2011 — 3 Comments

So I kind of messed with the plans yesterday.  We had a casual driving day with only 5 hours to Cedar City.  As we leave The Grand Canyon I SNAP, I LOSE it.  No…not quite, but I gently ask the hubs why we are in a rush to get to our next destination, must we power through, what’s in Cedar City anyway?  Here we are at the GRAND CANYON, yet leaving in a reckless rush.  I MUST set my eyes upon it once more.  He very patiently looks at me and says, “if you want to see it again, let’s see it again.”  This is why I love him:)  Of course the man was merely focused on the goal.

Mostly we needed to return so he would actually smile for a photo this time.
This was not posed, their formation and stature was stellar though!
The folks decided to head back with us, we were all happy to return.
We followed the folks out of Arizona, they headed East in Utah, us: North
On our way they spotted the Watch Tower and pulled over.  An astounding view of the Grand Canyon.
Cannot believe how big our boy is getting…
The menfolk discuss the best route.  No one asks me what I think, probably for the best.
Stone Sheep
Driving through Zion National Park was amazing and after coming out of Arizona, it was refreshing.  This is a place we will return to one day.
Next up:  Idaho
I’m gonna find me a potato.

3 responses to Focused on the Task at Hand.


    Loving the photo AND the commentary, keep them coming!




    Actually, it's HIS shirt! I bought it for him, he rarely wore it, so I do;)Thanks Carla:)

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